The smallest writing gig that turned out my biggest

Accidental freelance online writer–that is what I am.

While writing's in my blood (I even consider it a reason for breathing), teaching was my first ever online profession.

It was back a couple of years ago when I decided exploring the other side (freelance writing). But before that, the original plan was working as a home based English instructor. Continue reading


5 Huge Grammar Blunders to Avoid

Post by Amanda G.

Nobody is perfect in grammar. All people usually commit mistakes in their grammar even the smartest one. Grammar is one of the difficult subjects to teach because of its confusing patterns and rules. For foreign students, who were studying grammar in other countries, they usually had a hard time in understanding grammar rules. Continue reading

5 Brilliant Writing Tips

Are you someone fond of reading online articles, blogs, books or any type of reading material? Was there a time wherein you’re facing a deadline, but just don’t know how to handle the situation of completing it before your deadline and is needing 5 writing tips?


Well, more often than not, you may have failed due to your lack of experience or just have many things to do.

In order to help you meet deadlines and effectively write an essay or an article you must be able to do some things to make it work out just planned. These things are simple enough that you don’t have to memorize anything, but just have to keep it in your heart as a writer. Look at the following that’s meant to help you out.

5 Writing Tips To Help You Become Efficient

These things are what you can consider in order to make it work for you as writer in meeting your deadlines and the capability of being able to write effectively. These are something that’s meant to make your life as a writer easier and fun-filled. Let’s get started.

  1. Planning your time wisely is one of the things that would enable you to do things you weren’t able to do before. A time well managed is going to work many wonders for you as a writer. It would enable you to meet your deadlines and focus on things that need greater attention. It would also allow you to have time with other things that you long to do, just like spending time with your family.
  2. Answering the right questions would also help you a lot in being a successful writer. This would simply entail you to do what’s right and give attention to where it’s needed. Determining the right questions would also allow you to know which ones are far more important than the other is as well as allowing you to focus more on some things.
  3. Collecting your thoughts would enable you to write effectively and be on the right track to accomplish things that needs to be done. It gives you the opportunity to make things right whenever you’ve done something wrong.
  4. Writing how you talk is something that most writers tend to forget. When you’re able to write how you talk, you’re able to write more efficient. That is because your thoughts are completely focused on the topic you’re aiming to have something written in an effective way.
  5. Leaving time to revise is one of the best things that you should learn. This gives you the opportunity to make necessary corrections to what you’ve written as well as the chance of making additions based from the opinions of other or your own thoughts.

These 5 writing tips would surely help you a lot in creating a great and interesting article or essay. Never miss the opportunity to improve on the things that you think you need to get better. Giving more time and being focused on what you do would also help you become a successful writer.