3Ds of writing from home that makes it alike an office job

Some consider freelance writing, let’s say writing from home, as an anything goes job. That’s not true.

freelance writing

After all, whether you work in the office or work at home, there are the 3Ds to help you stay in the business. Continue reading


The smallest writing gig that turned out my biggest

Accidental freelance online writer–that is what I am.

While writing's in my blood (I even consider it a reason for breathing), teaching was my first ever online profession.

It was back a couple of years ago when I decided exploring the other side (freelance writing). But before that, the original plan was working as a home based English instructor. Continue reading

My write story, part 1

Cheer up, aspiring writer! Just like you, I have big dreams– make a name in the writing world, make money out of this profession and spill what's inside my mind with that drive and passion all at the same time. freelance writing

When I first started, I made 50 cents, seriously. That was for 500 words of text. In Philippine peso that was PhP20 during that time.

Yes, it was little money.

But believe it or not, I jumped off my chair and yelled with overflowing happiness. It was an accomplishment, I told myself. Continue reading