Not only businesses adjust in lean times, but also writers

Lean writing seasons, times when gigs and projects are scarce, what do you do? 
Freelance writers, not every day is Christmas, not every month’s a bonus. You know what I am saying?

There are days or even weeks when projects are limited, when writing gigs are hard to reach.

We must admit.

But at these times, do not despair.

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This is why I am versus forced blogging rules

You probably have worked with teams. Maybe with publishing houses. Perhaps with a manager.

Writing rules.. You will be governed under these and those.

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Just Do It! This Is the Power of “I Can” in Writing

One day while browsing online, I found this,

“Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are probably right.”

Perhaps, it is true in writing.

[We aren’t always assigned our favorite topic, given the content type we’re pretty much gauged with and tasked with the same load every day. And when we consider we cannot deal with any of these, we sure cannot.]

We are our worst and no.1 critic.

critic, writing,

“You can either agree or disagree with yourself [man versus himself].”

I think I read this on a narrative, in a story in which a man fights his own.. His own mind…himself.

This may be the greatest of BATTLES anyone would fight and struggle with.

We either win over or submit under our BIGGEST ENEMY- ourselves!

And all else follow- lack of self-esteem and self-trust.

For example, sometimes we say, “I cannot work on this website content.”

Before we could even type the first word, we already shut our brain off and not do our best because we have underestimated ourselves in the first place.

If there’s so little expectation we set on ourselves, tendency is not pouring our hearts on what we write, on what we are working on- because conclusion has been made- we cannot do it excellently, as we cannot.

That is what we’ve programmed our brain for, anyway.

This is not how we train ourselves to excel in writing.

We can’t be mediocre just because we’re setting low expectations on ourselves.

We shouldn’t judge ourselves.

Let us take another example and rephrase.

“I may not be an expert on this topic, but I can write it.”

While admittedly saying I’m not an expert on it, I said ‘I can’ -the interest is there and the self-belief is there.

This is the first step.

For reasons, we may not be the best to perform the task, but what matters is that we convince and empower ourselves and our minds, believing that we can do it.


Do we wear it in all and every writing situation we deal with?

We don’t have to be the best or the fittest to write on a topic or a content type, but everything can be improved and skills can be learned and mastered…

The first step is to BELIEVE, and then JUST DO IT!

Dear friends, the first step to DO is to BELIEVE ( I can ). It is where we all start –


We cannot win the writing battle if we don’t.

Let us change the game by taking the first step- “I can.”

Are you ready? Go. Write. You can. 🙂

*Photos: pixabay