What Drives You?

Hello Friends! Before the week closes, I’d like to share something with you. Last time, we’ve talked about “What a Writer’s Biggest Enemy Is…” (Waiting for your responses.). Today, we’ll discuss a somehow related blog to that.

What Drives You Buddy?

Where Is This Going to Take Us?

If there are times when you don’t feel up to writing but want to keep going, what fuels you?

  • Deadline
  • Pay
  • Passion
  • Personal Goals
  • Family
  • Weekend rush
  • Others? (Please write them below)

I Always Ask Myself That Question, Too.

My answer to that is my obsessive sense for organization. When I set my schedule that day, I see to it that I keep up no matter what. Sometimes my loved ones are asking, “Don’t you ever get tired?”


Seriously, I won’t stop until I meet or beat my schedule as I know that I may not be able to sleep. In addition, I don’t want to keep work waiting, as I know that there will be new tasks later or tomorrow. If I would allow myself to drown with those heaps and piles of content task, I may disappoint my clients… and I know that many of them will be.

When I receive an order, I confirm it and then I inform when I can deliver; first come, first serve. I tell right away if I cannot meet a deadline set. If it can be adjusted, then well, perfect! If not, then “I’m sorry.”

What keeps you driven as a writer? Feel free to comment below.

Your Imperfect But Cute Fairy,

Sarah 🙂