My write story, part 1

Cheer up, aspiring writer! Just like you, I have big dreams– make a name in the writing world, make money out of this profession and spill what's inside my mind with that drive and passion all at the same time. freelance writing

When I first started, I made 50 cents, seriously. That was for 500 words of text. In Philippine peso that was PhP20 during that time.

Yes, it was little money.

But believe it or not, I jumped off my chair and yelled with overflowing happiness. It was an accomplishment, I told myself. Continue reading


Read THIS If You Were Writing Online [What We Owe Readers]

Blogging frees me, allowing expression without inhibitions, without thinking of word count, without requirements – but all mine.

When I started way back when, freelance writing was like training and swimming in a big ocean, testing the waters but all were way too fast. I was actually overwhelmed and what I was taught about school paper writing was totally different out here. Continue reading