Top 3 Writer Tools

Today, most writers are keeping their To-Do list and egg timers in order to notify them of the things that they need to accomplish. With that, the need for devices, gadgets, hardware or software arises, that’s why the top 3 writer tools came into the consideration of many. The truth is that these things have always been available for use, but most writers tend to neglect it due to the fact that they are busy attending to their deadlines or things that they need to accomplish.

Many freelancers have shared their ideas in order to battle their frustrations when it comes to being productive and organized in their field of work. Some of them have even embraced the need for technology. Look at the top 3 writer tools that have been sought after these days.

Tech Tools: Getting You Productive and Organized

  1. Calendars are simply the top choice when it comes to the tools that writers can utilize in order to make them productive and very organized. Traditional, old paper calendars are out and in with the interactive one. It’s by far one of the most effective in order to stay on track. The best examples of these are Microsoft Outlook’s Calendar and Google’s iCalendar. These types of calendar not only allow you to track your work schedule, but it gives you the capabilities of worrying about something. For example, Outlook’s calendar can be synchronized into your cellular phone, enabling you to receive notifications about an important schedule. Aside from that, it allows you to send meeting invites through the software itself.
  2. To-Do List. Up until today, there are many fans of a To-Do list. Today, Things are far different. Just like calendar integration in Outlook, Apple devices, other software such as reQall and Remember the Milk, empowers you to do more with it. Some of it even has voice commands and are available in various platforms.
  3. Note Takers. Being more organized and efficient means a higher per hour rate for writers. Having a tool that enables you to utilize your notes in a more effective way is what you’ll surely need. Tech tools for note taking such as Evernote Scrivener for MAC users and the Delicious app is still available for you. This makes taking notes while researching as easy and fun as it can be.

Those tools would surely help you be more effective when it comes to taking down notes whenever you’re doing some research for the article or topic you’re supposed to write. No matter how traditional you may be, using tech tools isn’t going to take you off your comfort zone. It’s something that’s meant to help you out.  Now, utilize these tools in order to make your writing more fun and convenient. Get a hold the top 3 writer tools for you advantage. Do it today.