This Is How Poor Grammar Erases You in the Promotion List

Contributed by: Phil

Whenever you send an email, text message or social media post on a daily basis, grammar mistakes occur. There is also this sense of informality that is used unintentionally, an occurrence or behavior that has crept towards an individual’s method of communication.

For that very reason, a company’s management team may be completely embarrassed due to a bad impression you might have left onto a client or several clients who have received these emails or texts or have read these social media company updates.

In the end, this leads to potential loss of clients and profits that they are not going to tolerate in any way. What this means is that you may be losing your job unexpectedly. Continue reading


Read THIS If You Were Writing Online [What We Owe Readers]

Blogging frees me, allowing expression without inhibitions, without thinking of word count, without requirements – but all mine.

When I started way back when, freelance writing was like training and swimming in a big ocean, testing the waters but all were way too fast. I was actually overwhelmed and what I was taught about school paper writing was totally different out here. Continue reading

3 Online Tools Every Writer Needs

To write online is different from publishing a book or writing a novel, talking about some stuffs that online writers need. Check out this one-minute post I have for you today.

1. PayPal

To get paid, you need a payment processor like it. Sign up with one today before you acquire new clients. By far, PayPal is the most convenient and easiest to use. To use it, link it to a bank account. Start withdrawing once your  account is verified.

2. CopyScape

Just like writing offline, plagiarism is a no-no online! Whether intentional or not, you might be copying other people’s works. Don’t ruin your reputation. Get yourself a CopyScape account if you want to check your blog or article’s originality. I use PayPal in buying 200 credit searches for $10.


I suggest this one if you are looking to check your writeups for any grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes. I believe this is the comprehensive tools every writer needs for checking his writeup not only for grammar and spelling but also the dreaded plagiarism issue.

All right, I guess this is for today. Next time, I would share some tips for winning clients online. Thank you for standing by! See you again next on my blog.

If you think I miss an important online writing tool, please feel free to share them below with our community. I believe they will appreciate you for it. 

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