This is why I am versus forced blogging rules

You probably have worked with teams. Maybe with publishing houses. Perhaps with a manager.

Writing rules.. You will be governed under these and those.

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This Is How Poor Grammar Erases You in the Promotion List

Contributed by: Phil

Whenever you send an email, text message or social media post on a daily basis, grammar mistakes occur. There is also this sense of informality that is used unintentionally, an occurrence or behavior that has crept towards an individual’s method of communication.

For that very reason, a company’s management team may be completely embarrassed due to a bad impression you might have left onto a client or several clients who have received these emails or texts or have read these social media company updates.

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How to Get Rid of Grammar Mistakes in 4 Steps

Post by Kathy L.

Grammar mistakes are common problems by people both in spoken and in written language. Essays, one of the most common source of grammar problems by people especially by students , are usually an assignment given to them by teachers of subjects like English. Continue reading