3Ds of writing from home that makes it alike an office job

Some consider freelance writing, let’s say writing from home, as an anything goes job. That’s not true.

freelance writing

After all, whether you work in the office or work at home, there are the 3Ds to help you stay in the business. Continue reading


The smallest writing gig that turned out my biggest

Accidental freelance online writer–that is what I am.

While writing's in my blood (I even consider it a reason for breathing), teaching was my first ever online profession.

It was back a couple of years ago when I decided exploring the other side (freelance writing). But before that, the original plan was working as a home based English instructor. Continue reading

Getting Started With ODesk For Freelance Writing (Now UpWork)

Have you used ODesk? This site is one of the best for freelance writing.  Here, you’ll find clients looking for blogs, reviews, website contents and press releases, to name a few. Many of them are looking for long-term work relationship with a good freelancer.  However, not everything was good when I was beginning.

At first, it was hard booking projects, as clients usually look for freelancers that have the experience, feedback and a good portfolio. They’re looking for writers that have accomplished the same job categories that they have posted.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up and complete your profile.
  2. Make use of a professional picture (Freelancers with an image gets higher chances of being viewed by clients).
  3. Take several tests related to your industry, especially English vocabulary and English spelling test.
  4. Upload work samples on your portfolio. These may include copies such as blogs, reviews and articles. (Make sure that they are yours. Do not upload any samples that have been paid for by the client).

How To Build The ODesk Portfolio

You can apply for up to 20 jobs when you have completed your profile and have taken several tests. Verifying your online profile may also help in increasing your job quota.

Start looking for jobs. Apply only to those you think suit your experience or expertise. Getting a good feedback can only be possible if your clients are satisfied with what they get.

To obtain high ratings (up to 5), you should follow instructions; meet deadlines; and meet other client requirements.

Complete the job on time!

This is important. If you don’t want to get a poor feedback score, do not pass beyond the allotted timeframe. If you do, you may not get another job from the same client. Being dedicated to the deadline is important in building your online profile and your chances of winning more projects on the site.

Start Writing Online! Sign Up With ODesk

To know more about how the site works, check out the official ODesk Site today.

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