Are You Guilty Of Four Writing Mistakes?

Have you ever come across a writing that does not make sense at all? We all do.  Hope this one isn’t. Many of us, writers, struggle in one way or another.  What do you think are the biggest writing mistakes you often commit? Check out this blog and see which apply or applies to you.

Making love with writing

Some writers are just blown away with a topic in the sense that we don’t use the right tone. If you idolize Ernest Hemingway or William Shakespeare, you may at times want to apply their style and tone into what write. Never need to ask. If you ever have been dwelled with your topic, you just don’t have to romanticize it.

Forgetting to be objective

Think of your audience and use the language that suits them. Avoid using jargons or words that even a fifth grader do not understand. What’s the sense in writing if your readers don’t comprehend a single message you try to convey? No matter how wide your vocabulary is, you just can’t make use of that in writing for a wide variety of people. Not everyone may be able to understand what you’re saying.

Simply put. Always put your readers first. Don’t limit your writing to only a few people especially if you’re blogging. You just don’t know who would come across your article or blog, so be fair and kind

Ignoring the structure

Before publishing anything online, have the outline of your topic although many of us consider that it’s one of the hardest steps. It takes time to create an outline, but it’s where we should start even if you don’t feel like it.  The outline is the compass of your blog or article. Without it, you may be or feel lost along the way. Get to the finish line flawlessly. Have an outline to follow


When you come to the point, where you should have your storyline connected to one another and jive perfectly all the same, you may flounder or may get depressed. However, when you find yourself feeling that way, LEAVE WRITING FOR A WHILE. Get some fresh air. Go out and talk to the robin! Later, come back and see….

These are only four of the biggest mistakes some of us commit when doing our job. We don’t have to repeat the same mistake and cause confusion, not only to ourselves but also to the fellows reading our piece.

If you want to share some tips and tricks to our fellows here, feel free to comment below.

Thanks!  Let’s get back to writing…..

Your Imperfect But Cute Fairy,

Sarah 🙂