How to fix a difficult writing schedule

Have you ever felt swamped with your writing schedule? Or maybe there are those days when you didn't know how to start things?

Felt it many times. But I am in no way complaining about it.

In fact, a tight schedule drives me further… pushes me to work harder (and wake up earlier – 4 am).

Otherwise, I won't be able to get off my chair until 8 pm. That happened a lot of times.

So how do we fix a rather heavily loaded work day?

Wake up earlier than usual

During times when you have to finish a couple of blogs or perhaps consumer guides, wake up at least two hours earlier than your usual waking time.

That's for smooth business.

And in my case (morning writer), I have a better concentration the earliest of the morning. If you're a night owl, that's a different story. And perhaps the next tip will work for you.

Work on the most difficult projects first.

Using this technique, you can write better with an energized brain. This works for me. I am sure it will on you too.

Do an advance research.

Writing topics for tomorrow? Research today. 😇

Hope these tips on how to fix your writing schedule helps you get through your day. I will update and post more about this topic soon.

Got a tip in mind? Share it with us! We'd love to hear what you have to say.


Online writing: what to do with a perfectionist

What do you do with a perfectionist-client? Deliver.

Yes. We always should. But what are you going to do if this client asks for multiple revisions?


Regretably, tell him that you can no longer work on his project. [as it seems that he’s never satisfied whatever adjustments in content you make]

This is most practical to do.

Otherwise, you are just going to waste your and his time.

On your part, imagine how much money and time you lose with this client. 

You could have been writing for other clients, for other web projects. Spending time on seemingly “unlimited” revisions is impractical.

So how many revisions should you accept? Only one.

If you knew for yourself you have followed the requirements, do not let this client asks for multiple revisions.

Or else, you will also waste his time. Instead of his project progressing to the next phase, he will be stuck in the phase where he is waiting for you to perfect his almost impossible perfectionism.

Writers, you will meet these clients.

While they can be a challenge to improve, they may not be practical to handle if writing is your income source.


You get the point? Sure you do. 🙂

Do not let a perfectionist client stops you from working on better projects.

Happy writing!

PS: Do you have online writing tips or topic suggestions? Write me. 🙂

3Ds of writing from home that makes it alike an office job

Some consider freelance writing, let’s say writing from home, as an anything goes job. That’s not true.

freelance writing

After all, whether you work in the office or work at home, there are the 3Ds to help you stay in the business. Continue reading