3Ds of writing from home that makes it alike an office job

Some consider freelance writing, let’s say writing from home, as an anything goes job. That’s not true.

freelance writing

After all, whether you work in the office or work at home, there are the 3Ds to help you stay in the business.

  • Discipline, you should have it.

Or else, you’ll see how you slowly but surely lose clients– as in one then another and another….

What it means by discipline?  If you have deadlines to beat (and keep) for an office position, you have these, too, working from home.


  • Dedication, you must have a lot.

Otherwise, never expect clients to go back and hire your writing service again. Worse, you won’t grow and try on more complex writing roles (company brochures, ad copies…)

What it means by that? Working in the office, you should dedicate and roll your sleeves up for excellence to accomplish the job.

Else, you will lose the chance for promotion or perhaps for a salary increase. Worst of all, your name might be on the list of employees to layoff this year.

You know what that means? You won’t grow. Same goes in writing. You should aim for excellence all the time, and that’s something you can only do if you would dedicate yourself, including your time, focus and mind into your tasks.



  • Deliver, you should. No more, no less– deliver what is expected or even more than what is.

If you think that competition only happens in an office job wherein you compete with colleagues and prove yourself superior than others are, you may want to re-think.

At home, sure you work alone–and remotely. But don’t be conceited to consider that competition isn’t tough in freelance writing. After all, client satisfaction may be impossible to achieve if you don’t deliver.

Remember, there are many writers who can do the job rather than you. So if you don’t deliver, meet standards or even surpass expectations, growth may be impossible in freelance writing.


*Photos: PIXABAY

Summing up,  treat your home based writing job like an office based one, especially if you’re writing to bring food on the table and not just for a hobby. While it may be easy to penetrate and belong, it is 100 times harder to stay in the business if you don’t keep our 3D in mind.

Do you think I missed something here? Let me know in the comment section. Finally, share this article to fellow writers if you find it truthful.


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