Not only businesses adjust in lean times, but also writers

Lean writing seasons, times when gigs and projects are scarce, what do you do? 
Freelance writers, not every day is Christmas, not every month’s a bonus. You know what I am saying?

There are days or even weeks when projects are limited, when writing gigs are hard to reach.

We must admit.

But at these times, do not despair.

Keep looking. 

*Photos: Pixabay

Divert your focus on other productive things, which you do not find enough time for when filled with projects.

In my case, I sell chocolates, perfumes…

I also work on my academic assignments. (I am taking some special classes.)

I also work on my romance novel, which until now I haven’t had the chance to finish. 😦

And then, I also find other writing opportunities online.

As you see, you will not run of great things to do when writing jobs are limited.

Still, we can make use of lean times productively. 🙂

How about you? What do you do during lean times in writing? Share your stories below.


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