Writing comfort zone, how do you get out of it and why

How do you get out your comfort zone? A question not only in life, but also in writing.

You might have been waking up every single day of your life doing the same stuff, maybe for the same people or maybe on the same topic.

Well, things seem easy– finishing an assignment, juggling between life and work, writing on the zone (digital marketing, health, wellness, fashion….) and making money.

But have you grown since then?

Fellows, a comfort zone is called a ‘comfort zone’ because it seems to give you that feeling of ease; that sense of fulfillment; and that convenience at work.


Why not?

  • You already know the rules.
  • You’re already versed of the topic.
  • You’re already comfortable with this and that.
  • In short, ‘YOU ARE ALREADY’ in that zone you become an expert at due to excessive familiarity.

Writing comfort zone may refer to,

  • Topic specialties (personal development, parenting, internet marketing or pet care, name it)
  • Content type (blog, review, press release, web page [e.g. home page], essay)
  • Team involvement (being a member of a content service…)
  • (Name your comfort zone______)

Being in your writing comfort zone may not always be good. After all, it can also backfire at you.

  • No growth (financially, professionally…)
  • Lack of excitement, lack of eagerness to augment what you know (dryness in writing reflected)
  • So-so and mediocre work

When one is too familiar or too comfortable, it is more often than not that he/she becomes contented with the same thing over again, limiting his/her growth and creativity and hunger to explore [“WHAT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE?”]

comfort zone

*Photos: PIXABAY

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. (Source: Quote Investigator)

What am I trying to point out?

Wordsmiths, we’re not here to get used to writing what we know, to working with the same people, not networking with others and to be feeling so comfortable with what we do and not exploring what else life has for us.

Aside from writing for our beloved clients, we can….

  • Create an e-book and sell it for ourselves.
  • Network with more clients and colleagues (bloggers, writers, authors, marketers…)
  • Become an affiliate marketer.
  • Learn website design and development and SEO.
  • Build a community like this blog.

We can do much more than we’re doing right now. Don’t be afraid to explore and discover MORE OPPORTUNITIES than what you think and know you can handle.

Just remember,

  • Be consistent,
  • disciplined,
  • motivated
  • and in love with what you’re doing (no matter what that is)

..and soon enough you will also love discoveries to find on the other side. We can write on the same topic, work with the same people and remain consistent in our craft, but at the same time, we shouldn’t be afraid to go out our comfort zone so that we can GROW.

Explore. Discover. Grow.

What do you consider your writing comfort zone? Share it with the community.

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