A Writer’s Biggest Enemy

We’re writers and that’s all we know.

Not really. Others think we’re special; others see us weird (sitting and writing all day, that’s fairly common); and others think we’re smart intellects (I believe we really are).

What people don’t know about us? Our biggest enemy–Ourselves

We’re humans and it’s pretty common to feel down from time to time. We can’t help but encounter stoppers or filters (not prepositions or a passive tone) but preoccupations.

They say that happiness is a choice but it’s not as easy as picking up our choice brand for bags, shoes and clothes.

Yes, it’s easy to say that it’s a choice to be happy but never forget that we, too, have the right to be sad or worried (whatever emotion that makes you down).

When I’m not up to writing, I meet lots and lots of distractions inside my head. Yes, inside my head.

I stop.

I don’t force writing if I’m not up to it especially if topics to write aren’t that interesting, coupled with my state of emotion.

When myself is against me…

…I stop and never compromise the results I would get. I pause and go out. I hit the store, grocery, fast food or wherever I can have a ‘brain breather.’

I don’t get tired in writing but I pause and stop for a while for some breather if I started disbelieving what I am writing. This is important.

Fellow writers, if we don’t feel certain of what we’re writing about that day because we’re having this sort of battle against ourselves, it’s better to pause for a while and let our brain feel relaxed.

What’s your biggest enemy as a writer? How do you get over it? Feel free to share it with our community.

Your Imperfect But Cute Fairy,

Sarah 🙂

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